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Amorphous Life

“Documentation of a Possible Artwork, Corner”

The possibility of an artwork can be understood from a collection of absurd acts. An absurd act being a continual process of a never existing artwork. The filmed material does not follow a structure – it brings some of my social and feminine issues together with the idea of documentation as an artistic format.

In this work, I try to represent my studio like a system, partly led by me and partly by unavoidable natural processes that happen in some environments also created by me. My work is neither a documentation of a production process nor a video artwork. It is a dynamic collection of potential and rich images that opens up some generating videos in the future through the same approach and context. In my video, I show how I experience my ideas in regenerating materials, recreating forms and re–experiencing activities in which I conceptually and aesthetically challenge them by themselves. It is form through anti–form and vice versa.

Through the manipulation of different materials, I try to extend ‘corner’ – one of the key concepts of my previous video work. My approach is to create a documentation of the possibility of the existence of an artwork.  I want to create something that goes beyond the structure. My artwork won’t need a structure and it will develop independently. 

This work was awarded with the department award at the graduation exhibition of Master Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.

video installation, Royal Academy of Arts.

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