I am an artist currently living and working in The Hague, The Netherlands.

I don’t believe in an end of something.

In my art practice, I try to represent my studio like a system, partly led by me and partly by unavoidable natural processes that happen in some environments also created by me. My work is neither a documentation of a production process nor a video artwork. It is a dynamic collection of potential and rich images that opens up some generating videos in the future through the same approach and context. In my video, I show how I experience my ideas in regenerating materials, recreating forms and re–experiencing activities in which I conceptually and aesthetically challenge them by themselves. It is form through anti–form and vice versa.

I want to create something that goes beyond the structure. My artwork won’t need a structure and it will develop independently. So my videos will be a representation as well as a presentation.

My videos in Vimeo.

July 2017 – I got my diploma in Master of Artistic Reasearch in Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten  in Den Haag – Netherlands .

2009 – I got my diploma in bachelor Arts & Crafts in Isfahan – Iran.